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The Silk Road being Revitalized!


The fact that the western countries not being able to get out of the global crisis directed Turkey to the silk road trade again. The countries coming together under the leadership of Turkey for development of the trade in between the silk road countries extending up to China decided to facilitate the customs operations of the countries on the route. The 5th International Forum on “The Role of the Customs Administrations in Development and Facilitation of the Trade in between the Silk Road Countries” was held in Istanbul last week and the decisions taken as a result of the meeting became evident as well.


While 27 delegations from 17 countries and 10 international organizations were ready at the forum, Istanbul Declaration was accepted as well. Hayati Yazıcı, the Minister of Customs and Trade, giving information on the decisions taken at the meeting said that they had taken the decision on facilitation of customs practices. Yazıcı said: “Trading and transportation will be performed rapidly and safely. Action will be taken for TIR-EPD (TIR-Electronic Pre-Declaration) Green Line practice. Participation of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan in the process will be ensured.” Yazıcı gave the information that the documentation for facilitation of the customs practices along Islamabad – Tehran – Istanbul Highway Transportation Corridor was signed between Iran, Pakistan and Turkey.



The Turkish goods will not be searched and suspended unnecessarily at customs. Azerbaijan – Georgia – Turkey will apply TIR electronic pre-declaration.


Minister Yazıcı stating that the Silk Road was one of the longest and oldest trade routes of the world, said: “We aim at making the international trade more rapid, easy, safe and preferable in the Silk Road area. This project is the project for eliminating the barriers constructed mentally in between the Silk Road countries from time to time. The Silk Road countries are like the links of a chain.”


In the revitalization plan including the wide rail networks, lines of communication, energy corridors and pipelines of the Silk Road, the customs are being revitalized.


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