Management Systems



Customer centricity constitutes the basis of our mision, values and policies and reflects as a culture to our business manner. The most significant factor in actualization of this mentality that has turned into a culture are our practices aiming at customers that are continuously developed.



CRM, in the most general sense, means knowing the customer, understanding the customer needs and developing services and products fit for it. In order to create a mutual, long-term value-based relationship, it is effective management of the relations established with customers.



Apart from establishing close relationships with our customer, analysis of the customer feedback and root cause determination efforts are conducted together with the systematic researches in order to foresee, understand and cover the changing needs and expectations and measures hindering reemergence of the emerging issues are planned.


Management System Practices

ISO / IEC 27001:2013
ISO 9001
Target-Based Management
Lean 6 Sigma
Risk Management
ISO 10002



Detailed Information

Contact complaint management with the part of the customer is supported with applications such as MMA and efforts for development of relations with the customers and provision of sustainability are performed.

Our policies aiming at our customers are defined using the following expressions:

  • We rise the satisfaction level of our customers continuously in parallel with the requirements and development of our service standards.
  • We manage the customer feedback effectively and efficiently and improve our processes on a continuous basis.
  • We pay heed to the principles of code of conduct and justice in our relations with our customers.
  • We place importance to establishing long-term relations with our customers as much as gaining new customers.
  • We guarantee our commitments against our customers within the framework of the mentality of business sustainability.
  • We protect the information belonging to our customers within the framework of our information security policies and customer confidentiality agreements.

Our company protects the confidentiality of the information belonging to our customers as well as the intellectual property rights in line with the principles of code of conduct given place in the company policies. Bor Customs Brokerage Inc. accepts all written, verbal information submitted by the customer as the property of the customer. The said information and documentation has confidentiality and cannot be used for the benefit of Bor Customs Brokerage or third persons. If any property of the customer (power of attorneys, customer files etc.) are lost, incurs damage, becomes unusable, this case will be reported to the customer in writing and action will betaken according to his decision.

CRM brings 3 elements with it. Human Being, Process and Technology. CRM projects is determining of business strategies and structuring of the triad of human being, process and technology in parallel with the given strategies.

We conduct our business processes in paralel with technological developments. In this scope, we have been keeping all the information of our customers in the common database as online since the year 2010 and CRM software is used so as to access to the up-to-date information in the most rapid manner. The programme that we have customized as fit for our business processes is updated continuously in parallel with the technological innovatios and changing needs and is used bu our whole sale and customer services team and management group.

We welcome all kinds of feedbacks of our customers with satisfaction and use them as a tool for development. VOC model (Voiceof Customer) targets provision of continuous improvement by use of customer feedbacks. (The thre inferior elements given below are present in VOC - Voice of Customer management model:

  • Handling VOC as systematically and as a whole (better understanding)
  • Rising the current performance levels of the business proceses in a way to respond to the customer expectations (better practice)
  • Providing products and services to respond to customer expectations (better service)

Our customers may give feedbacks in relation to our processes and activities with the visits to be paid by our employees with the title of Sale and Customer Representative. Besides, Customer Satisfaction Survey applied every year and customer visits within the scope of VOC Researches provide the opportunity to give feedback as well. In addition, our customers may access us via mail, telephone and fax and communication form on our web site.

With ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Information Security Management system;

  • Safety,
  • Reduction of risks,
  • Accessibility,
  • Whole,
  • Privacy,
  • The protection of information systems has been ensured

The fact that information is accessible only by persons who have the right to access, ensuring the integrity and accuracy of business methods and ensuring that authorized users can access information at any time they need is the basis of information security Jul. Jul guarantees that it can provide the information security in question with applications, policies, software functions, various methods and audits.

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ISO 9001:2015

Target-Based Management

In our company, strategic performance and process performances are monitored with two basic monitoring and measuring methods, improvements are made on the basis of analyses based on targets.

  1. Key Performance Indicators (KPI):The indicators monitored to measure whether our strategic targets have been actualized and at what level. The key performance indicators are determined and revised at strategic and revision periods.
  2. Process Performance Indicators (PI): Indicators used to measure how successful we have actualized our daily works. In our company, the processes have been structured in the form of basic processes and central processes.

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Click to access to our ISO 9001certificate.

ISO 10002

Customer Complaints and Satisfaction Management System

It is a management system that defines the necessary methods and processes to manage customer complaints more effectively and efficiently, allows us to create a happy and satisfied customer profile by increasing the quality of service we provide and reducing complaints.

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Lean 6 Sigma

In order to obtain perfection in process management, we apply Lean 6 Sigma Management Method. With the projects conducted within the scope of Lean 6 Sigma, we provide improvements in parallel with the expectations of our customers and we measure ourselves by taking the assesment criteria of our customers as a basis in every single basis. For actualization of the projects and activities, we conduct common work with Borusan Logistics Lean 6 Sigma Group.

Risk Management

Within the structure of Bor Customs Brokerage, development of a systematic approach focused on improvement of the current processes and effective risk management are targeted. "Risk Management Committee" convening on a periodical basis forms the basis of the Integrated Risk Management.

The risks included by the operations have been taken under control using internal auditing systems. The transactions carried out in this scope are audited in terms of form, legislation and company procedures and are monitored using performance indicators belonging to the key processes.

Your transactions are guaranteed by us with Professional Liability Policy and 3rd Party Financial Liability Insurance.