Technological Infrastructure

Non-value added actions are avoided in the processes of file opening and invoicing by way of integrations that we provide; a rapid work flow is ensured. Integrations for establishment of auto generated customs declaration and transfer of financial data enables automated and standardized process.



For management of customer relations and ensuring its continuity, following sales activities and producing data as a result of which we can obtain action, we benefit from CRM solutions.


As we manage the processes of support including financial affairs, purchasing, human resources by standardization and by benefiting from SAP solutions, we generate and use added-value through effective integrations with a structure making data transfer possible.



In terms of management of foreign trade and customs clearance operations and provision of electronic data transfer with the part of public institutions, we benefit from Evrim software solutions for operational processes. We provide series of works fit for expectations and development of our processes.

E-Archive - Online Monitoring 

Together with the digital archive developed for Bor Gümrük, we provide data accessibility using document management and online monitoring applications.



For EDI, XML, JDBC, HTTP/HTTPS, FILE/FTP, IDoc/RFC and similar integration methods, we conduct work in common projects with our customers, banks, associates through our experienced team. We provide support to our stakeholders on a 7/24 basis.