Our Benefits


We open our processes and systems to your access

  • You can follow the situation of your statement on internet environment momentarily and can get automatic reports.
  • You can access to all the documentation in our e-archive relating to the statement.
  • We can share the transaction steps of your statements and the content of the statement and your costs by way of reports peculiar to you.
  • We ensure monitoring and reporting of performance targets in your processes.


  • By transfer of statement and status content in between the systems through electronic data transfer, gaining speed and standardization
  • We submit all the records of payments made to your name in electronic environment with SAP system integration. Your pre-accountancy process shortens. Your ability to monitor the costs
  • We target standardization and prevention of errors by way of controls in our IT systems.

Experienced personnel in your sector is among us

  • We render special service to sectors by the hand of customer representatives with an education background of customs and foreign trade.
  • We produce policies to increase employee faithfulness and to provide sustainability.
  • We render a local service by the hand of our consultant group resident in all our regions and branches.
  • We share our experience via continuous trainings.
  • We assess the performance through KPI meetings.

We are with you when administering the legal compliance

  • We orientate for legal compliance risks  in the field of Customs and Foreign Trade with our consultant group who have expertise in your sector.
  • We follow the alternatives to decrease your costs and give support in common projects.


  • We target increasing customer satisfaction on a continuous basis.
  • We manage your feedbacks effectively and efficiently.
  • We pay heed to the principles of code of conduct and justice in our relations.
  • We place importance to establishing long-term relations with our current customers as much as gaining new customers.
  • We guarantee our commitments within the framework of the mentality of business sustainability.
  • We protect your information within the framework of our policies and our confidentiality agreements.