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The Seminar on Post-Release Control Practice in Customs Operations was Held in Bostancı Greenpark in the month of December!


‘The Seminar on Post-Release Control Practice in Customs Operations’ was held on the dates of December 13 and December 21, 2011 at Bostancı Greenpark Hotel for our customers so as to convey information on the basic approach and results of the post-release control practice in customs operations.


There was a broad participation in the seminar from the foreign trade and accounting departments of companies that was organized by our company within the scope of the Consultancy Services and including presentations by the hand of our Department of Legislation and Process Management.


Within the scope of the seminar, information was shared on the objective of the post-release control of the customs operations, the liabilities of thecompanies and the preparations that they have to make. The seminar came to an end with the section of question answer of the participants.