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The training on "Authorized Economic Operator Certificate" was held.

Our seminar on "Authorized Economic Operator Certificate" was held on the date of June 18, 2014 with participation of our 40 customers. Within the scope of the seminar, the General Objective of "the Authorized Economic Operator Certificate", the general and special conditions that are looked for, mode of application and the process of obtainment of a certificate, the advantages/conveniences that it will provide, the liabilities of the firms were conveyed. Information was given on comparison of "Authorized Economic Operator Certificate" and "Approved Status Certificate" (Class A and B), conditions of obtainment of the permit of "On-Site Customs Clearance in Importation and Exportation", green line practice and conditions of obtainment of the permits of "Permitted Recipient" and "Permitted Shipper". At the end of the training continuing all day long, the participants stated that the training was very beneficial and conveyed their thanks.